Daily Grocery List | 11am- 4pm

Daily Grocery List 05/29/20 from 11am to 4pm 

A 10% service charge will be added to every order that goes directly to our hourly staff ~ Thank you

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Beef | Fish |Poultry

12oz Certified Angus Beef NY Strip Steak - $13

Pork Chop 8oz each $6

Snow Crab by pound $12

8oz CAB Burger each $3.50

7oz Atlantic Salmon Filet each $6

5oz Chicken Breasts each $2.50

Marinated whole chicken cut into two halves $8.00

Certified Black Angus Beef 16oz Ribeye $16

Cubed Beef Tips by pound $8.50

5oz Atlantic Cod each $4.50

3oz Salmon Croquettes by pair $4

Applewood Smoked Bacon by pound $5


Produce |Dairy

Red Tomatoes by pound $3

Granny Smith Apple by each $.75

Zucchini or Yellow Squash by pound $2.50

Carrots by pound $1

Cucumbers by each $1.50

Celery by bunch $2

Butter by pound $3.50

Eggs by the dozen $3.00

Blackberries by pint $4

Strawberries by pint $5

Blueberries by ½ pint $4

Brussel Sprouts by pound $4

Spring Mix by Pound $7

Heavy Cream by Quart $6

          Lemons (6pk $3.50) Limes (6pk $3.50) or Oranges (6pk $4.50)

Sliced Muenster, Mozzarella or White Cheddar ½ pound $6


Ready to Eat

Family Style Mashed Potatoes $10

Family Style Crab Risotto $10

Pint of Smoked Chicken Chowder $8

Pint of Potato Leek Soup $8

Loaf of Parmesan Garlic Bread $5

Family Style Seasoned Broccoli $10

Loaf of Bread Wheat $4

Spaghetti or Cavatappi Pasta by pound $2

House-Made Bolognese by quart $14

House-made Creamy Coleslaw by quart $6

Tasso Ham/Cheddar Grits by quart $10

Ratatouille by quart $12



Chocolate Chip Cookies ½ dozen $6

House-Made Pecan Ice Cream by the Quart $12


Paper Products

Sysco Brand Jumbo Roll Paper Towels by roll $4

Sysco Brand Facial Tissue by box $2